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Agore Centre is a foundation that is focused on promoting and improving education, youth entrepreneurship and women empowerment. We strongly believe that to lift more people in our society out of poverty, getting more young people to embrace education/improving educational systems, supporting young people with financing/training/coaching to start and grow businesses and supporting women with SMEs to grow and thrive are sure pathways.

Our well researched and designed programs would be implemented with precision to enable us achieve the compelling goals and objectives we design into our plans annually.


Our educational program is tied around the following;

  1. .Scholarship: We will pay WAEC/JAMB fees and university tuition for 10-100 brilliant students from less privilege background in selected local governments in Nigeria annually. The process of determining the beneficiary would be transparent as well as methodical.

  2. .Academic Excellence Seminars: Young people are highly impressionable, as such we will invite reputable celebrities, politicians and successful businessmen/businesswomen to speak to secondary school students (One school per month) on the importance of education and why they should believe in themselves and that they too can excel academically by focusing on their studies.

  3. .Annual Teachers’ Awards/Prize: We will conduct an annual teachers’ award across a state taking one local government at a time with prizes given to the most outstanding teacher, best principle and most innovative teacher. These prizes will vary from a house or a car or cash. The reason is to encourage selfless teachers that their labour are not in vain and also that their reward is partly here on earth. By so doing, other laidback teachers would be inspired to stretch themselves too. The criteria for selection will be thorough and unbiased.


The social economic future of every society is built around its youth population, as they are the ones who will create the next level of progress essential for sustainable growth in different areas of that society. However, the Nigeria reality is pointing in the opposite direction, where a large number of its able bodied and creative youth are idling away and some getting engaged in criminal activities.

Our programs will help stem this challenge and help a large number of youth with ideas and even those without direction craft a feasible pathway of credible and sustainable wealth building. Below are our youth entrepreneurship programs:

  1. .Startup Trek: This a startup seminar from one local government to another across selected states that will attract graduate, undergraduate, skilled and unskilled youth from the ages of 16-40 years. The main purpose of this program is to get successful entrepreneurs using their stories and experiences to inspire more youth to go into entrepreneurship. This will be a monthly program that will attract an average of 200-1000 youth.

  2. .Pitch 4 Funds: Great ideas must be accompanied with funding, lest they may not graduate from just ideas into profit making businesses. Pitch for funds program will be a monthly program that will attract a panel of minimum of 5 investors who will sit through pitches of not less than 20-100 pre-screened business ideas from budding entrepreneurs. These investors will not only fund the ideas they believe will thrive but also serve as mentors to these budding entrepreneurs to ensure the success of the business post launch

  3. .Startup Booth camp: Studies have shown that starting a business thrive better in an environment of shared vision and support. This 30days intensive booth camp will accommodate between 10-20 entrepreneurs whose ideas have received funding and will support them to launch their business in 30 days, even if it’s just at the pilot stage.


Women are so important in our society yet, mostly ignored by the government, until it’s election season or when they need a large crowd to boost their egos. We found through research that the heavy weights are carried by women in rural communities as most of the men are either out of jobs or not available in the lives of their children.

Our program for rural women are as follows;

  1. .SMEs Support: A small cash support annually or biannually goes a long way to keep this hardworking women in business. As such we plan to aggregate them and channel the necessary support they need to keep their businesses going. This funds will be interest free but must be paid back within a 6 months period to enable other women whose businesses are struggling access them to boost their business.

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