Energy is the biggest challenge in Nigeria, especially now coupled with the removal of fuel subsidy by the current administration. Power supply is inconsistent in areas within the grid, yet those in off grid locations are left in the dark without a solution. Our energy company is focused on solving power challenges in off grid locations as well as those within the grid but with very minimal supply of power.


Given the agrarian nature of most off grid communities, biomass power plant has been proven to be a feasible alternative power solution. This is so for three basic reasons;

Abundant availability of feedstock to power the plant

Ease of operations and maintenance by locals

Ease of deployment and commissioning; 30days max

We have developed relationship with some of the best manufacturers of biomass power plants across the world and would be able to deploy this plants to federal and state governments in Nigeria without delays.


We crowdfund and manage power generation and distribution projects for off grid rural communities and other urban communities as an alternative source of power. Based on the bill signed into law by Buhari’s administration, companies that produce less than 1MW of power do not need a license from NERC and state government are empowered to generate their own electricity.

Now, any individual can invest and profit from the power sector, in other words, we all can become power entrepreneurs. To learn how you can enjoy monthly and quarterly returns on investment in the power sector, contact us for more details.

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