Oil and Gas

Our oil and gas business is currently focusing on the downstream sector, even though we plan to grow into the Upstream sector as well. Importantly, we are limiting our products to just two for the most part of 2023 as we develop mastery of the industry and navigate the licensing by Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (Former DPR).

Diesel Supply

High prices, shortages and low quality diesel supplies are the three major complaints from customers with respect to diesel supply. Our entry into this industry is to totally end complains from the customers by ensuring they get supplied diesel at a competitive price, accurate quantity and high quality diesel that burns slowly.

Plus, we will bring on-time supply coupled with excellent customer service. The customer is king and shouldn’t be treated any less. It is the customer that’s doing us a favour and not the other way round.

Our diesel supply mantra spelt out

Domestic Gas Distribution

Domestic gas is not so different from diesel as shortage and inconsistency in price are the two major issues. Proximity to the customers is a serious issue as well. We are bridging the proximity challenge by positioning safe mini gas tanks across different neighborhoods in the towns and cities we serve. Our tanks are designed to dispense gas with a measurement system that prevents shortages.

Additionally, our staff are trained to serve the customer with high integrity and respect.

We Are Committed to Service Excellence

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We distribute, deploy and service renewable power plants and solutions for off-grid communities and clients

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We build and market residential and commercial real estates across Nigeria

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