Humans deserve a decent shelter to live and function at their optimum. Housing shouldn’t be pricey and unaffordable, it should instead be affordable and within the reach of the middle class and even the poor. Our innovative approach is based on minimalism and decency. This way we can build qualitative and decent homes for the middle class and even the poor that make up the largest number of our population.


Modern innovations in building construction has drastically reduced the cost of building as well as improved its quality. Unfortunately, like it is said, change sucks, hence most builders still hold on to those archaic cost-intensive, difficult, delay-prone and low quality building practices. We are bringing modern building innovations to building construction in Nigeria by adopting best practices across the world.


We plan to focus our real estate development at the under-served market of middle class civil servants and small business owners. They represent a market that is grossly ignored by most developers and as such struggle with either building their properties in areas that are unplanned and as such do not enjoy the benefits of a close estate environment or may never own a decent property all through their working age.

We aggregate workers and small business owners in line with their profession and help them build decent mini-estates over a clearly defined timeline with minimal budget.

We also market other developer’s real estate through entering into exclusive marketing contracts with them to creatively and aggressively market their properties to willing and nonchalant target markets that ordinary will be overlooked. It is our belief that, professionals should focus on their areas of strength to enable them achieve optimal results. That said developers should focus more on building qualitative buildings and allow marketing firms do the promotions for them, instead of trying to do everything themselves.


Real estate is an international business and not limited to any specific geographical locations, in other words, anyone anywhere can invest in real estates in markets across the world and earn neat profits in foreign currencies without necessary having to live or visit the country.

Through our partners in strategic real estate markets across the world; USA, UK, Dubai, Asia and Australia we bring real estate investment opportunities to open minded investors in Africa. Africans are the least investors in real estate and other business across the world and hence why Africans don’t enjoy the forex flows as a result of international real estate and other business investments.

We have cracked this code and has made it a possibility. It is transparent, safe, secured and highly profitable investment that will guarantee your financial independence and peace of mind.

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Oil & Gas

We supply high quality diesel speedily at a competitive price without shortage


We acquire and deploy proprietary Software and hardware technology solutions to enhance our client’s overall performance


We distribute, deploy and service renewable power plants and solutions for off-grid communities and clients

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