As a technology company we are focused on innovation transfer as against reinventing the wheel which leads to loss in time and resources. Our core strength here is research and marketing, we research industry technology needs and find affordable and proven software and hardware overseas that can meet those needs, we then deploy it to solve our client’s organization challenges immediately


Data management; from generation to storage, retrieval and analysis is a major organizational challenge today that has led to poor decision making, legal tussle and sometimes the demise of the organization.

Neat software and hardware is an affordable solution that enhances any organization’s ERM process. It user friendliness and security features beat that of other competitors in the industry.

Running a paperless office or automating your analog data management system just got easier.


Whether you are interested in payroll management, accounting system automation, inventory management, sales/marketing management, and much more, ERP got you covered.

We deploy the most affordable, user-friendly and highly functional ERP solutions based on the client’s industry and specific needs.

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Oil & Gas

We supply high quality diesel speedily at a competitive price without shortage


We distribute, deploy and service renewable power plants and solutions for off-grid communities and clients

Real Estate

We build and market residential and commercial real estates across Nigeria

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